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Kenneth Regan im Time-Magazin

"...His focus shifted in 2006, when the Russian champion Vladimir Kramnik visited the bathroom numerous times during a game, fueling suspicions of cheating—a scandal known as “toiletgate.” Regan, who is a devout Christian, has said he felt “called” to weigh in online. He determined that Kramnik’s moves, while similar to those of a chess engine, were not statistically significant enough to justify the accusations. Regan soon began building the software that would become his calling card.

When Regan debuted his anti-cheating program in 2011, he faced “widespread skepticism,” he says; at the time, FIDE “tended to minimize cheating.” But with the rise of online chess and the proliferation of engines, cracking down on cheating—much like anti-doping measures in other sports—became a matter of the game’s survival..."