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German Masters Arena (Lichess)

Millennium teilt mit:

Dear chessfriend,

We would like to invite you to the GERMAN MASTERS ARENA (with prizes!) on 8 DECEMBER.

Prize fund:

SPECIAL PRICE: The best player from Germany, Autstria or Switzerland wins an exclusive 1:1 online match against Grandmaster Frederik Svane (as a participant in the German Masters)*.

Everybody is welcome to attend (with or without eBoard) - we look forward to see you there!

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We dedicate this tournament to the upcoming GERMAN MASTERS (Dec. 11 - 19 in Rosenheim) - this year's top event of tournament chess in Germany.

Millennium is both sponsor and official supplier of this tournament. All matches will be played on the Millennium Supreme Torunament eBoards and be broadcasted live.

For this reason, the main prize of this Lichess tournament is a Supreme Tournament e-board. Equipped with RFID piece recognition, high-class wooden cabinet and LEDs directly on the board you will experience a completely natural feeling when playing chess online with tournament style.