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chess24 bleibt, aber nicht als Spielplattform

Die chess24-Spielplattform wird eingestampft, aber chess24 bleibt vorerst als separate Marke mit Turnierberichterstattung und Nachrichten bestehen. Auch die Kurse und Lerninhalte bleiben online weiter für alle Premium-Mitglieder nutzbar. Neue bezahlte Mitgliedschaften sind allerdings nicht möglich. Das und mehr hat jetzt chess24 all seinen Mitgliedern mitgeteilt. Wie es langfristig weitergeht, erscheint offen:

To all members of the chess24 family,

In December, completed the purchase of the Play Magnus Group, the parent company of chess24. As we now merge, there are going to be changes, and we want you to be the first to know about them.

The chess24 Playzone Will Be Phased Out

We got many things right at chess24, but after years of development, hopes and missed deadlines, the Playzone was never quite what we wanted it to be., meanwhile, has an awesome Playzone, with a huge number of players and state-of-the-art analysis features. We’ve therefore decided to switch off the chess24 Playzone and redirect players to

No New Premium Subscriptions

We’re incredibly grateful to all our Premium members, some dating back to when we first launched in Beta in 2013. You made everything we did possible, but now we’ve posted our last “Go Premium” message on the site — non-Premium members can finally breathe a sigh of relief!

Existing Premium members can retain the same privileges and features, except those related to the Playzone. We’re proud of our huge library of some of the best chess content ever created, and it will still be accessible to all Premium members.

We’re working on paths for Premium members to switch to or Chessable and will let you know the details as soon as possible. If you have any specific questions in the meantime, please don’t hesitate to contact

Tournament Broadcasts and News Continue

The core of chess24 has always been the community that gathers to watch and discuss top chess tournaments, and that’s going nowhere. We’ll still be transmitting moves from all notable events around the world, with English live commentary on the best of them.

Commentary in different languages will continue as well, with our chess24 local teams working with teams to offer one combined broadcast. We plan to grow the international communities and services more than ever.

We’ll also be continuing our news coverage of top tournaments and everything else that’s happening in the chess world.

A Bright Future for Chess

While uncertainty is inevitable, both for our team here at chess24 and all our members, the future has never looked so bright for online chess. and chess24 combining frees all the best players to compete in the top events, as we’ll soon see with Magnus Carlsen and Hikaru Nakamura starring in the 2023 Champions Chess Tour. have the resources to build the tools needed to make the online chess experience truly amazing, and most of the people who have made chess24 special over the years are going nowhere.

We hope you stick with us for this new chapter in online chess!

The chess24 Team wird immer mehr zur übermächtigen Datenkrake, das Amazon des Schachs. Konkurrenz hat schon immer das Geschäft belebt, was macht ist die eigene finanzielle Macht auf Kosten des Schach Fans ausweiten. Möchte ich ein Monopol erleben? Nein. Ich boykottiere diese Seite.